Proof Communications’ expert copy editors will turn your draft content into professionally written material that flows, is free of typos and grammatical errors and is consistent in tone and style throughout.

With our copy editing expertise, we’ll restructure or rewrite your draft content where needed to give you a final draft that is clear and succinct. We’ll proofread it too, as our copy editors are also great proofreaders.

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About Our Expert Copy Editing Services

Proof Communications is a highly experienced copy editing company. We’ll turn your draft content into professional business documents that communicate your messages clearly. We know how to transform words into compelling language that will help you stand out from your competition and makes sense to your audience.

We’ll ask what it is that you want to achieve from your content and we’ll help you to deliver it.


With 20 plus years of copy editing expertise, we work efficiently and professionally to copy edit business documents so they are clear, accurate, and more interesting and convincing to readers.

We’re diligent, dedicated, careful and thorough. Looking after the details is second nature to us, so you can be comfortable that your content is in the safest of hands.

“Proof Communications has absolutely helped us nail our strategy from a content perspective. Whenever something comes up that involves communicating in the written form, the only company I’d consider going to is Proof Communications.”

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